Migration to Australia

18 months ago I met Farrel and immediately knew I was on my way to getting my permanent residence in Australia. Farrel was open and honest and said if we do things properly from the start it should go well. He always gave me the worst case scenario which is better than giving empty promises. There are no shortcuts into Australia so I left everything up to him. He kept me informed of any changes in the law, of the status of where I was in the queue of the entire process. I felt confident that I would get to Australia on the suggested visa.

Well I am now a permanent resident and would highly recommend using Farrel. Bianca was super-efficient with all the details and arrangements and completing the numerous documents. Bianca responded instantaneously to each and every call and email which was incredibly reassuring. I cannot thank them enough for making the experience into Australia an easy and happy path for me. I have heard of so many bad experiences. I cannot express my thanks enough and will continue to encourage people to contact Farrel and Bianca.

Pam Van Aswegen (South Africa)