Temporary Work Visas – 457 Visa

The 457 visa is for temporary skilled workers in Australia. Officially titled the Temporary Work (Skilled) (Subclass 457) visa, it is for employment in jobs where there is a labour shortage.

There is no visa cap on the 457 visa, meaning employers may request or sponsor as many foreign-national applicants as necessary. The 457 visa can be valid for up to four years.

An application for a 457 Visa comprises of three applications (where no current sponsorship exists):

The 457 visa is for temporary skilled workers in Australia.

(a) Sponsorship Approval Application

This is an application whereby the organisation applies for approval to act as a sponsor. Part of the application includes the organisation having to show that it is a substantial organisation, capable of paying the Applicant’s salary, has a successful trading record and has a policy of training local staff.

(b) Nomination Application

The organisation must nominate the Applicant for a particular position for a particular position on the relevant occupation list. That position must be on an occupation list that is prescribed by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection from time to time. The base salary payable must not be less than $53,900.00 per annum (not including any other additional payments, allowances, fringe benefits or superannuation).

Salary Explanation

For subclass 457 sponsors, there is an obligation to ensure equivalent terms and conditions of employment will mean that they pay market salary rates to their overseas workers. If the applicant’s salary is less than $250,000 then, you will need to explain the Applicant’s salary package in an email or letter.

Labour market testing

Standard business sponsors are required to test the local labour market prior to lodging a nomination and, on implementation of the LMT condition, must provide information with their nomination about their attempts to recruit Australian workers and how they have determined on the basis of these attempts that there is no suitably qualified and experienced Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible temporary visa holder available to fill the position.

Genuine Position

A case officer might request evidence demonstrating that the position associated with the nominated occupation is genuine.

There are other requirements for the nomination application and we strongly advise you thoroughly researching all these issues prior to any lodgement.

(c) Visa Application

This application is the Applicant’s visa application. As well as satisfying the health and character requirements, the Applicant must satisfy all of the visa requirements. Included will be evidence that s/he is qualified by way of qualifications and/or work experience to meet the nominated position. They will be able to include with this application any dependent family who will have no work limitations.

Medical Cover:

It is a requirement for visa grant that applicants have made adequate arrangements for health insurance for themselves and accompanying family members. You are required to maintain an adequate level of insurance cover for the duration of your stay in Australia.

The above three applications are substantial applications but if you engage our services we will ensure that the entire process is simplified and made easy for you to follow. The average processing time for 457 Visa Applications can be between one and four months. The timeframe depends on how organised and available your and the Applicant’s paperwork is. Our office will be able to give you further information in this regard once we know more about your organisation and the Applicant.