Partner Visa

Prospective Marriage Visa

Partner Visa – This is for people intending to get married. Their fiancé must be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen. This visa is valid for 9 months from the time of grant. Once married, holders of this visa can then apply for a spouse visa.

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RE: Possible changes to the Partner Visa Program

There is currently a new bill is waiting to pass at the senate. If this comes through the processing arrangements in respect to Partner visas is expected to change. The effect of these changes will result in the Australian sponsor needing to be approved and only later can the applicants visa application be lodged. If the department is going to take several months to process the sponsorship element of the application then the visa applicant would need to have a substantive visa to remain in Australia in the interim. In many cases where an applicant has a 3 month tourist visa this would be problematic because they would need to leave the country before their sponsor is approved. The result is that most applications into the future could be offshore partner applications.