Migrate to Australia

I was super excited as soon I got the permanent residency visa, it took over 6 years for me to get it as I applied myself in 2009, but there were few complications in 2013 – I Googled Migration agents and emailed to few, but within 24 hours I got a very good response from Bianca , then I selected them to handle my case.

I was so amazed at their professionalism and most importantly their rates which are way far cheaper than most of the agents you find online. I was roughly with MCA for 3 years, exchanged around 100+ emails, asked lot of questions/advices, with no doubt all their responses were within 24 hours, advice was always excellent and caring, and get detailed response in all the emails.

The best part is I never felt alone, in case Bianca is not there, I received updates from Farrel. Moreover, they both have extensive knowledge in immigration services, they read the documents/questions before responding you with yes or no. I was amazed once I filled Form 80, Bianca pinpointed the mistakes.

Definitely I’ll be in touch with them for all my future updates. Thank YOU Bianca & Farrel.

Khabab (Pakistan)