Migrate your family to Australia

It has been an incredible journey and we were guided through all three years by Farrel and Bianca in the most professional way possible.

Having initially contacted Farrel to request assistance in complying with the regulations related to a business visa, he was astute to find a better way for us to reach our goal of permanent residency (and in the process saved our family thousands of dollars). The first phase of the new visa was completed quickly, with no extra questions asked from Immigration, which meant for me that Farrel’s procedures and checklists are the best. When it was almost time for us to put in an application for the second phase, our family was in turmoil due to personal issues, but through it all, Farrel had been assisting, guiding, and preparing us to submit a flawless application once again. His ability to “cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s” is definitely a tremendous asset in a business where it all comes down to detail.

We were astounded when our permanent residency application was approved within a month after lodgement, again with no questions raised from Immigration. To me, that is the profile of a true professional. Consistent repeat performance par excellence! Thank you again Farrel, you would never fully comprehend the amazing way in which you helped us through this traumatic time in our lives.


Janet Snyman & kids (South Africa)