Recruit overseas staff?

Overseas recruitment

This is a common scenario we see time and time again:

Your organisation has just won a new contract and therefore needs additional staff. A preliminary search shows that all the necessary skills for the position cannot be found onshore.

Your HR department head has asked you as the organisation’s HR Coordinator / Officer to search, find and employ a number of local and overseas employees.

Where do you start? Most organisations have undertaken a local recruitment drive previously and would treat the search for local and overseas employees as being much the same process.

When you come to the realisation that these are two different processes it might be too late and you find to your dismay that the overseas applicants have major challenges getting to Australia to take up their position. At that stage you realise that you need to get smart about the search for the overseas employees and get external advice and put more effort into planning.

You have a discussion /consultation with a migration consultant / mobility advisor and these are some of the issues that get raised:

  • Create a relevant Mobility Checklist with all the relevant issues and challenges listed;
  • Ensure to screen ALL your overseas candidates that respond to your adverts, by interview and have them complete a detailed screening questionnaire;
  • Ensuring to not only focus on their necessary skills and experience for the position but ensure your migration consultants fully assess the candidates regarding their ability to meet the stringent migration criteria;
  • Create a strategy for the various settlement issues and ensure to check when the candidates will realistically be able to move to Australia, should their visa get granted;
  • Provide enough time for the migration process and relevant relocation issues;

Contact our office to make a time to discuss these issues in more depth and allow us to create an effective migration strategy for your organisation and its overseas candidates. Click here for our office’s “Mobility Advisors Checklist for Overseas Recruitment”.