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Grandfathering provisions 

Affects 457 visa holders, that have had their occupations taken off the list, or now on the STSOL, or over 45 but under 50. Grandfathering provisions relating to March 2018 were clarified in the  457-reforms- December 2017 newsletter. The following Transitional arrangements were put in place in March 2018: Subclass 457 holders as of 18 April 2017, and anyone […]


WHAT ARE THE DO’S AND DON’T’S REGARDING TAKING OUT A MORTGAGE? Understanding how the various everyday Australian systems work is difficult and settling into a home, especially if you plan to buy, can be a daunting process. To purchase a home in Australia you must follow quite a structured process and one of the most […]

Citizenship Update

Following the removal of the Australian Citizenship Legislation Amendment Bill 2017, the Minister plans to reintroduce an amended version of the Bill, with a proposed introduction date of 1 July 2018. The English language test will be amended to a ‘modest’ level of English. Applications made before 1 July 2018 (subject to the passage of legislation), will be […]

Interesting migration cases

As migration agents we often feel that we have become part of a migrant’s personal story and have had the opportunity to change people’s lives, forever. We’d like to share some of those story’s with you here. All names, countries of origination and identification have been changed to ensure confidentiality. Choosing a General Skills visa […]

Recruit overseas staff?

This is a common scenario we see time and time again: Your organisation has just won a new contract and therefore needs additional staff. A preliminary search shows that all the necessary skills for the position cannot be found onshore. Your HR department head has asked you as the organisation’s HR Coordinator / Officer to […]